Satisfaction Is The Secret Of Happiness

There are two ways to look at a thing. From one perspective , the world looks rosy, and from another perspective, the whole world looks lugubrious, full of tribulation. There are many people who shell out their time harbouring grudge towards god that he has thrown a volley of sorrows in their life. They get wistful when they look at the life of others and feel how happy other people are!

 Of course, life is not all joy, it does offer pain to all .But it does not mean that one should remain morose throughout the life. Everyone on the earth

should be satisfied with whatever god has given.

There are many who feel how much mollah others rake in ,and they are just pauper in comparison to the affluent people. But they must look towards those people who work arduously to make two ends meet .

 In spite of this, they can not well feed their esurient offspring. When unsatisfied people look towards those people who live life in penury,then this fact will dawn on them how generous god is to them as they have privilege of enjoying many material trapping of this world .Their progeny are well fed, so, underlying maassage dashed off here is to be exuberant in every condition.

Everyone in this world is gifted with at least one thing a doting mother , a loving father, a beautiful life and many near and dear ones. If this is no pain, there will be no importance of mirth in life. If there is no thorn, then why will anyone covet for rose?

If everyone around is generous, then the value of good will be dwindled .So, mirth and sorrow are deeply

intertwined, and pain is the inseparable part of life .

So, everyone must drill into mind that he or she must never shell out life groaningly and never let a sense of gloom creep into his or her.

It is deemed that if anyone commits heinous work, he or she will have to pay for that .It means whatever one is getting because of one's own performed deed. So it is foolish to imprecate god for all the misery present in life as it is the result of own work.

 Human beings are characterically narcissistic. They always want their own life to be full of joy .They never feel pain of other , but reality is that human being can never be satisfied. The person whose coffer is flush with bucks wants to be richer. The happy wants to be happier. It is the nature of human beings to covet for what they do not have rather than cherishing what they have .

So, a sagacious person is that who always thanks god for the bounty he has bestowed on him or her. If one compares one's life with that of another, it will be the most odious thing. That way, a person can never be chuffed. So, the key to happiness is to be satisfied in every condition as everyone suffers the fruit of own deeds. Having a peek –a-boo into the life of another can sap own happiness. So, all thoughts which dominate the mindscape that foster pessimism must be shunted out of mind.

Article Written By NUTANkumarisinha

I am a young woman who is extremely passionate about beauty and fitness. Writing is my love which is an inextricably inseparable part of my life. I like to write and make my readers conversant with homemade beauty tips to buzz up their beauty and confidence as well. I feel elated to share my ideas and help all you people become beautiful. I hope you enjoy reading my posts. Happy reading!

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