How To Please Your God:love Is The Way To Connect To God

All are cognizant of one fact that there is an entity above themselves, which is omnipotent and omnipresent, which makes its invisible presence felt by all, everywhere, is god. All human beings have unflinching faith in god and its unfathomable power. People perform fast, belt out hymns, chant mantras, and visit temples to propitiate god to bestow his bounty on them ,rain fortune on them .

Human beings are bound up in narcissistic concerns ,whatever they do must fulfill their selfish motive ;people are driven by their selfish motive that if they worship god, he will flood them with happiness .But,

have they ever ruminated on what god want from people? It is known that one can not please god by performing fast , chanting his name or performing rites, if one's thoughts are suffocated by the filthy exhalation of vice and avarice .What god wants is immaculate heart and unadulterated truthful thoughts.

God wants people to connect to him through their good deeds and actions. Loving the whole creation is the only way to connect to god. God has made a beautiful and symmetrical creation expecting, people will never hurt anyone physically or even verbally as, at times, a vitriolic word can hurt someone more than inflicting a physical pain , using acerbic words is that all must avoid and harming

someone physically tears god's heart to shreds, god wants all to never harbour any ill -will or grudge against anyone .He will be happy if one helps someone needy or going through rough patches of life rather than being engrossed in his worship ,he wants all human beings to spread love, cheer, compassion, respect, kindness, and forgiveness to all and sundry .

It is putative that if one indulges in nefarious deal today, one will get the due of our misdeeds in next birth. It is seen; people get due of their work in the same birth. There are various instances, if a person indulges in wrongdoing; he or she definitely gets caught up in a whirlpool of misery one day, in the same birth. It is god who is meting out justice to all whether it is for good deeds or misdeeds, the reward of good is always good, and the evil's reward is always evil.

Who knows if the next birth exists or not? So, in this beautiful life, gifted to all by god, is for spreading love and cheer everywhere. It is not necessary to have a religious bent of mind to please god. It is only magnanimity which ticks a win in god's heart.

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