How to get soft and silky legs naturally:tips for making your legs sexy ,beautiful and smooth using home remedies
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Many women love to totter around in trendy shorts and high heels .But very few are comfortable in their skin to flaunt their legs when someone sneaks a look at their legs .The reason is dull and desiccated legs. Needless to say , beauty is something that goes beyond face value. If you want to be the talk of your town for your sizzling looks , then you need to bestow special attention to your legs and feet.

Your legs are the part of your body which carry the bear and tear of daily life, therefore, they need extra care .In this article you will find some important tips on how to get soft,smooth and beautiful legs using home remedies.

If you see calluses on your soles and experiencing cracked heels , then it is of utmost important to moisturize your feet regularly. You can apply glycolic acid based foot cream on your cracked heels to make them softer. Keep it firmly fixed in your mind that your have to wear socks after applying it.

You can dab on a good quality body lotion on your legs to get the silky effect .

Massaging your legs the is the best and easiest home remedy. You can try almond oil/olive oil/coconut oil for making your legs silky and smooth naturally.

You can use pumice stone to cleanse the harsh skin of legs .First rub your legs with pumice stone to eradicate the dead skin cells of your legs. Follow it up with foot cream .Your next step would be to soak up your legs in lukewarm water .This process will help in cleansing the deep-seated dirt off your feet .You can mix few drops of essential oil in lukewarm water to relieve the pain and swelling of your legs.


Unwanted hair on your legs spoils your whole look .You need to get a wax regularly to have a perfect and clean legs. Do not forget to moisturerize your legs after you get a wax .Pedicure gets an extra mile to make your legs and feet perfect buffing out every minor imperfection.


While taking bath pour few drops of oil in your bath water.

This will moisturize your legs.

Avocado oil is an excellent home remedy for giving your skin an instant nourishment making it softer and tender.

Curd mixed with wheat flour does wonder for your legs This concoction will help in removing body hair imparting you the softest legs and feet ever.

After the foot soak up, pare your nails in proper shape to make them look attractive.

Mix candle wax and mustard oil .Heat them in a pan. Apply this mix on your cracked heels. Afterwards, wear cotton socks. Leave overnight and rinse off in the morning.


Add corn flour in a jug of hot water. Put your hands and feet into this solution for 5 minutes before you go to sleep .This home remedy will give you soft and smooth legs.

Mix half tea spoon of vinegar with half tea spoon of curd. Massage this mixture on your feet and legs to make them soft and beautiful.


Roast a few pieces of onions and make a paste out of them. Apply this mixture on your cracked heels. Try this treatment for one month. You will surely get positive results.

You can massage mustard oil into your legs, feet and hands when your body is still wet . This home remedy will make your legs and hands beautiful ,smooth and sexy.

Apply olive oil on your legs and feet before you go to sleep. You can try hot olive oil for best results. Massage olive oil for a while .Be all set to wake up with sexy and smooth legs in the morning.


Massaging your legs are very effective for making them soft .You can rustle up an oil at home mixing 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil, 1 tea spoon of grape seed oil,1 drop of essential patchouli oil and1 drop of essential neroli oil .This home remedy will give you very smooth legs and feet leaving your legs smelling seductive.


Applying mud pack on your legs and feet can be a wonderful home remedy in keeping them clean and clear.
You can use the mix of besan (gram flour), turmeric ,curd/milk and salt .Apply this mix on your legs and feet. Leave it on for 20 minutes .Wash off and see how your legs and feet become super soft naturally.

You can use a loofah pad to scrub away the impurities of your legs and feet that impart them an unhealthy look. If you are in a fix over where to find loofah pad , then ask for loofah pad in the beauty avenue of any drugstore and supermarket .It will cost 1 to 2 dollars only.


You can apply the mixture of gram flour and curd or milk cream on your legs and feet to make them silky , soft and fair. This home remedy can be helpful to your hands also. Wash off to see smooth and silky legs and feet naturally.

Exfoliate the rough parts of your legs and feet with wheat germ .Wheat germ is packed with the goodness of protein and vitamins. The granule texture of it helps in sloughing off the dead skin cells and regeneration of new cells.


You can exfoliate your legs with the mixture of oatmeal and raw milk also. This home remedy will scrub away all the impurities of your legs and feet making them smooth, sexy and beautiful.

Make a preparation at home with 7 to 10 drops of grade A, lavender oil , almond, hazelnut / apricot carrier oil. Apply this mixture on your legs to make them beautiful and soft.

Smear aloe vera gel on your legs to make them softer.

Apply organic honey on the rough and bumpy areas of your legs ,heels and ankles .Leave it on for 15 minutes .Organic honey is an excellent beauty aid in keeping the moisture balance in the skin.

While foot soak up try to remove all the dust which settled on your nails and apply moisturizer on your nails to make then look healthy.

You can light up aroma candles in your room to make the ambience around you very cozy. But do not forget to extinguish them before you go to sleep.

By now , you have come to know about many tips on how to get soft,smooth and beautiful legs .Follow these tips and hit the town with your sexy legs dressed up in trendy shorts .Glam up your look even further with a stylish pair of stilettos to call attention to your smooth and beautiful feet.
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