How to Get Soft and Silky Hands Naturally:Tips for getting beautiful and sexy hands using home remedies
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Do you know that beautiful hands are very important for setting your beauty parameters soaring high? If you want to command attention wherever you go, then you need to go beyond your face with your beauty care regime. Not to forget, soft and silky hands surely boost one’s self-confidence, improving his or her overall looks . The rigours of your daily lives play havoc on your hands making them dull and dry. But you do not need to worry about this. In this article, you will find some handy and effective tips for getting beautiful and smooth hands. Read on to know how to get soft, smooth ,sexy and beautiful hands naturally.
You must have used peel off mask on your face. But your hands also need peeling mask to become smooth and silky. For this, you need to take few drops of lemon juice , few drops of honey and one spoon of salt. Whisk all ingredients well and rub on your hands .It will leave your hands feeling soft and smooth ,like never before.
Always apply hand cream on your hands after washing them .There are loads of creams available in the market specially formulated for hands. Choose the one which suits your needs.
 Sleeping without applying moisturizer on your hands is a strict no-no for you. Always make it a point to apply hand cream before you go to sleep.. Get set to wake up with smooth hands in the morning.
Exfoliate your hands with lemon juice and sugar. Rub sugar granules mixed with lemon juice on your hands .Rub till sugar granules melt completely .It is the best and very cheap treatment that will remove the dead skin cells and reveal the new skin cells underneath. This home remedy will give you fairer and softer hands naturally.
Use pumice stone while taking shower.

Take hot shower prior to using pumice stone. As hot shower will ensure the dry skin to loosen up that causes calluses .Using pumice stone on a regular basis will help to remove the calluses of your hands imparting very soft and silky hands as well.
Apply glycerin mixed with rose water to clean your hands. Cucumber juice is very nice substitute for glycerin here.
Mixture of honey and orange juice is very effective for softening your hands.
Massage your hands with the mix of one cup of softened butter and one spoon of almond oil . Massage your hands with this mix and leave for some time .This mix will impart soft and silky hands naturally.
Cocoa butter cream is excellent home remedy in making your hands irresistible to touch .You can make it home also. Mix 4 spoons of each cocoa butter and beeswax in a container .Mix almond oil in this mixture when it melts .And let the mixture solidify. Your cocoa hand cream is ready to use. Apply cocoa butter cream on the hands at bedtime daily to ensure very soft and moisturized hands.

You can scrub sugar alone on your hands to make them soft and smooth naturally. Wash off with water. Follow up with moisturizer.
You need to slather sun block on your hands also to shield them from harmful sunrays. As sunrays rob the shine and moisture off your hands.
Do your hands a favour by wearing gloves while doing household chores like washing clothes, doing the dishes, gardening. You should smear cocoa butter on your hands before wearing the gloves. When cocoa butter comes in contact with the water, it makes your hands even softer after doing the task. You should use gardening gloves while doing gardening work.
Massaging your hands is a boon to your hands .You can use almond oil or olive oil or coconut oil for massaging your hands at bedtime. It is guaranteed that you will wake up with nourished and beautiful hands after using this home remedy.
You can apply the face pack of curd and besan (gram flour) while taking shower. This face pack will ensure you fairer and softer hands naturally. You can use milk cream as a substitute for curd.
You can use glycerin mixed with lemon juice on your palms and hands to make them kissable.
Try this home remedy. You can use the rind of lemon on your hands and elbow to cleanse the grimes deposited in your hands. It helps in easing out the marks of your hands also.
Take 2 spoons of sugar and olive oil or baby oil. Scrub on your hands and wash off after some time to make them irresistible to touch.
Take half cup of warm milk, 2 spoons of sugar, 2 spoons of lemon juice and few drops of lavender oil. Mix them well to make a solution. Soak up your hands in this solution for 5 minutes. Scrub and massage clean your hands with this solution. Wash off to get the smooth hands you always craved for.
You can try salt and lemon solution on your hands. Use this solution to remove dead skin cells. Use this solution with an old tooth brush. Do this twice a week .This solution helps to remove discoloration of skin also.
You can apply rich cream or Vaseline petroleum jelly at night and sleep with gloves on.
You can use beeswax mixed with olive oil on your hands. Wear gloves after application of this mixture. And see how your dry and parched skin of your hands becomes soft naturally.
If you feel the bouts of wrinkles on your hands, then you should apply onion juice mixed with vinegar on your hands. You will see results in few days.
If you feel the dryness of hands in winter, then you should use uncooked rolled oats on your hands. Rub on your hands and wash off with cold water. This home remedy will remove dry skin effectively. Follow up with moisturizer or hand cream.
Washing dishes are very much responsible for making your hands rough. There is a solution for you –you can add almond oil in the water you wash dishes. This will ensure the moisture to get locked in your skin. Washing your hands with vinegar post washing the dishes can do wonders.
Washing your hands with vinegar removes the cooking smell from your hands which lingers on after cooking. You can use water and soap after vinegar to remove the smell completely.
If your hands got rough because of gardening, then rubbing salt with olive oil on your hands can help you immensely .It is mandatory to wear cotton socks following this process.
Apart from using these tips, you can invest in a good quality body lotion to make your hands silky and smooth.
By now , you are aware of many tips on how to get soft,smooth,sexy and beautiful hands the natural way. Why are you waiting? It is the time to put these tips to practice. Follow these tips religiously, to ensure all glances to stay on you for your softest hands in the town! Go ahead and bask in the adulation!

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