Diy 12 Strawberry Homemade Facial Masks Recipes : Beauty Secrets Of Strawberry For Skin

Strawberry, a heart shaped and juicy fruit, rich in vitamin C, is a beauty fruit known to fade blemishes, freckles and scars from the face as well as lighten your complexion. Not only this, high concentration of Vitamin K,A, magnesium, calcium, folic acid, salicylic acid and flavonoids make strawberry a beauty fruit. Let us read in detail how we can make some strawberry homemade facial masks for making our skin glowing and flawless. Read on to know the best 12 benefits of strawberry for skin.


 Strawberry is the only fruit in which seeds can  be seen from the outside. Strawberry is a nutrients dense fruit which can buzz up your beauty in numerous ways. This article presents the best 12 skin care and beauty benefits of strawberry. Read on to know how to prepare strawberry face masks at home.

 1. Strawberry facial mask helps to delay ageing and premature wrinkles

 Strawberry is brimful with wonder of vitamin C which is helpful in warding off early signs of ageing and appearance of premature wrinkles. For this, you can rustle up a face mask at home with 3-4 strawberries and

2 spoons of  milk cream and 1 spoon of honey. Spread this face mask evenly all your face and leave it on for 30 minutes. Wash off with cold water to end the process. Strawberry prevents free radicals to delay the tell-tale signs of ageing and fine lines. For best results, munch on a few strawberry every day to restore the youthful exuberance of your face and remain young for long.

2. Strawberry for fair complexion

 Loaded with ellagic acid and vitamin C, strawberry possess amazing skin lightening qualities  to improve your complexion. All you got to do is to scrub a slice of strawberry gently on your face or you can mix strawberry pulp with milk and dab this silky preparation on your face to whiten your skin colour. Use this beauty tip for fast results.

 3.Strawberry for dark lips treatment
 Rich in vitamin , minerals and anti-oxidants, strawberry helps in eliminating dead cells and bringing out the fresh and new cells on the outside. All you need to do is to scrub a strawberry on your lips with few granules of sugar. You can prepare a homemade lip balm mixing strawberry juice and petroleum jelly and massage your lips as you do with lip balm. This home remedy is highly beneficial in lightening dark lips also.

4. Strawberry for treating acne and pimple
Strawberry is acidic in nature, thereby, curbing extra sebum production and extra oiliness of skin that is why it helps in preventing breakout of skin. You can mix strawberry juice with low- fat sour curd and let it stay on pimples for 30 minutes. Repeat this procedure daily and see how you pimples will start diminishing quickly. 

In addition to this recipe, you can mix strawberry juice with mint juice also also and dab on your acne-affected face and leave it on overnight. Do try this natural remedy for pimple treatment. It surely works!

 5 Strawberry facial mask for sagging and wrinkled skin

 You can prepare an anti-ageing facial mask with 3 spoons of strawberry puree  and 2 spoons of honey and 3 spoons of yogurt and mix all ingredients together to make a  skin tightening mask. Apply this mask onto your face and neck excluding eyes and let it dry completely and the wash off. This facial mask will tighten your sagging facial muscles to make it firm, taut and young.

6. Strawberry for curing dark circles and puffiness of eyes

Keep frozen slices of strawberry over dark circles and keep them for 15 minutes and your eyes will feel relaxed and fresh in an instant and not only this, this process will minimize the puffiness and bagginess of eyes. You can mix strawberry juice with coconut oil/almond oil and massage this preparation around your eyes to remove dark circles.

7. Strawberry + sugar

scrub for flawless skin

Strawberry contains alpha hydroxy acids that help remove deal cells and speed  up new cell renewal process to rejuvenate your skin. Mix 3 spoons of strawberry pulp with few spoons of sugar and one spoon of honey and rub this mix on face till sugar melt completely. This skin exfoliating mask will unclog your pores and drive away pesky blackheads and whiteheads naturally.

8. Strawberry makes your teeth sparkling white

Vitamin C in strawberry has powder to remove plaque that makes your teeth yellow. Just grind strawberry and use this pulp as tooth paste to cleanse your teeth.

9. Strawberry promotes strong nails

 Rich in biotin, strawberry helps in making your nails shiny and strong. Biotin promotes keratin structure and prevents brittle and yellow nails. So make strawberry part of your daily diet and see how your nails becomes healthy.

10. Strawberry skin toner
It is necessary to apply toner to tighten your skin pores post cleansing. You can make a toner at home with strawberry juice, rose water and  a pinch of camphor. Wipe your skin several times a day with solution to get oil-free, fresh and fairer complexion everyday.

11. Strawberry for preventing suntan

 Ellagic acid in strawberry protects your skin against the effects of  harmful ultra violet rays. It counteracts the synthesis of melanin that is the main cause of dark spots and pigmentation. Moreover, anthocyanin in berry that give strawberry a bright red colour, shields your skin against skin cancer. It is also known to  promote cell renewal and  prevent DNA damage. So make sure you eat few strawberry everyday and drink strawberry milk shake. 

12. Strawberry, ground oats and glycerin for curing cracked feet

 If you heels are cracked and peeling, then strawberry can treat this problem rightfully. Ground oats coarsely and mix this with 4 spoons of strawberry pulp and 2 spoons of glyserin. Dip your feet in lukewarm water and cleanse your feet properly. Post cleansing, scrub your feet with this mixture and the wash off with cold water. Finish off with application of olive oil/ almond oil.

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