Benefits of massaging your face: Benefits of facial massage, What is the need of massaging your face, types of massage according to age, skin types, precautions before massaging your face
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We all know that face massage is given to add a high dose of glow to our face . We get our face massaged for any special occasion to jazz up our appearance. But do not you want to look resplendent every single day ?If your answer is a resounding yes,then you have to get your face massaged on a regular basis. Face massage is very helpful in preventing the tell-tale signs of wrinkles and adding that desired gleam to your face your die for.  Facial massage is very good for imparting blood circulation and livening up your mood also.

But are you riddled with several misconceptions about facial massage? In this article , I will answer all your queries about facial massage and reveal the amazing benefits of facial massage.

What is the need of massage / benefits of facial massage

Your hectic lifestyle , inadequate sleep, pollution wreak havoc on your skin resulting in lacklustre skin and early appearance of wrinkles on the face. Only massage comes to help you in this condition which relaxes your skin from the deep inside and facilitates blood circulation .Massage imparts a luminous glow to your face and wards off the untimely wrinkles which invade your face.

Massage is beneficial for your whole body also. Whole body massage livens your body only . But facial massage livens up both your mind and body .Facial massage tightens the sagged skin and flushes out the toxin from the body. Massage imparts proper nutrition and moisture to your face through massage cream .What is more, it cures the damaged tissues of your skin if done properly. Facial massage brings the lost glow to your face .Massage is very much needed for sensitive skin also as it unclogs the blocked pores and drive out free radicals and blackheads from your skin.

If you get massage done regularly and take exercise in tandem ,then you can retain youth for a long time. Rosy glow on the face is a result of facial massage .So it is advisable to get your face massaged at least once a month.

Facial massage does help in lightning your complexion .Lymph nodes in the neck hamper the blood circulation on your face .Facial massage facilitates to open the lymph nodes adding luster to your face .That is why facial massage is given also on neck ,back and breasts to derive the maximum benefits of massage on face.

Many women experience the puffiness of their skin, Massage is very effective in fighting this puffiness.

If you are facing the problem of double chin ,then massage is a must for you. Massage tightens the flesh under the chin to make it firm.

Face is one of the most sensitive parts of your body which consists of many small and sensitive muscles. That is why the effect of facial massage is more visible than other massages.

With passing age the skin tends to droop and it loses elasticity. It results in fine lines around your mouth ,lips and eyes .Massage can help ease out fine lines .Massage helps you to counter the effect of pollution, aging which are the biggest culprits for your skin. Massage makes your face clean ,soft, young ,and fair. Massage should be given with medium pressure .Age and elasticity of skin also need to be taken into account before massaging your face.

Head massage can also be done with much pressure ,but you will be surprised to know that head massage imparts glow to your face also.

Massage according to your age and skin types

Whenever you apply cream on your face, massage it in upward motion for 2-3 minutes .But it is not enough to replenish moisture in your skin .Massage is very necessary for keeping your skin young and glowing with the view to age, skin types.

If you have dry skin ,then go for olive oil or almond oil massage you for your face.

If you have oily skin, then pour 2 drops of lemon in your facial cream to massage your face.

In summer ,apply facial cream mixed with ice cold water to freshen up your senses and face.

To remove tan you can mix cucumber juice in your facial massage cream.

If your skin is affected with pollution and stress ,you can try aroma oil based facial cream for massaging your face.

You can try different face serums for getting extra glow to your face. After facial, serum can be massaged on face for best results. Women after the age of 35 can try facial serums for better results.

If you are less than 25 years of old ,you can go for mint and fruit facial. But remember facial massage should not be given more than once a month .In fruit facial , essence of fruits is mixed with rose water to massage your face.

Ice cubes massage can be very helpful in preventing wrinkle of your face.

Precautions before massaging your face

Women with fair and sensitive skin should avoid heavy massage as heavy massage runs the risk of breaking your skin tissues .

Massage can be done on your face only when you have removed all traces of your make up from your face.

While massaging take special care of your under eye areas .Do not rub cream around under eye areas. Experts advise very slow and delicate strokes under the eyes areas in circular motion.

On forehead, massage should be done in circular motion to erase wrinkles and fine lines smoothly.
Post massage wash your face with cold water.

Tie hair band before getting your face massaged .

Never overdo massage .Massage should not be given for more than 20-30 minutes; otherwise it will give opposite results.

If you have a pimple on the face,then wait until it disappears completly .Massaging the face with pimples can burst pimples adding to your  woes even further.


By now,you are aware of several benefits of facial massage for your face.Why are you waiting for?Go get a massage right now! Check out

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