7 Beauty And Skin Care Benefits Of Drinking Water

Ever wondered why it is important to drink a lot of water to look beautiful and radiant, always? Human body consists of 80 percent of water and this life giving and nutritional elixir can a do a whole of things for enhancing your outer beauty. This article presents the top and best benefits of drinking water on your skin.

Drinking water is necessary for our survival because water regulates the proper function of body and it is the transportation mode of all vitamins, minerals and nutrients into human body. Let us learn in detail beauty benefits of drinking water. Drinking water flushes our toxins from your body to achieve a radianting glow on your face and hair. Read on to know the benefits of drinking water on your skin and hair.W

 1.Drinking water keeps your skin moisturised and smooth

 Water hydrates the organism that is why it keeps your skin healthy and hydrated  Water keeps your skin moisturised and makes your

skin plump and dewy. Water prevents your body from getting dry and dehydrated. That is why those who drink lot of water have glowing and firm skin  Water is a stress reliever even the sound of its waves helps to ease tension, it leads to glowing and beautiful skin  naturally.

2.Water keeps your skin youthful and wrinkles free for long

 Water helps to eliminate harmful toxins from your body and destroys free radicals. It aids in preventing premature wrinkles and ageing. So much so, it relieves tension and that is why drinking water helps to prevent frown lines and crow's lines from forming. So make sure you drink a lot of water to have soft and supple skin for long.

 3.Drinking water makes your lose weight and makes you slim

Water helps to burn fat. Water helps to suppress untimely hunger pangs and and makes you lose fat faster than normals . It buzzes up your metabolism and helps to keep your body in shape. That is why it is considered important to drink at-least 10 glasses of water to lose weight and keep your weight in control.

 4.Drinking water will make your skin fair and clear

 Drinking water keeps your bowel clean and regulates the digestive system. Drinking water helps to cure constipation and    acidity. As a result, your skin becomes clear and problem free deep down. Drinking a lot of water also leads to fairer and  softer complexion.

 5.Drinking water makes your active and energised, always

 Drinking water is really beneficial in making your muscles healthier and strong and it carries oxygen into your tissues to make muscles strong and lively. Deficiency of electrolytes leads to dehydration and fatigue. So taking adequate water will  always make your active and fresh.

6. Drinking water removes dark circles and puffiness

  Water helps to ease off the water retention around eyes and minimises the puffiness and bags around eyes.  That is why it is recommended to drink a lot of water to cure dark circles.So much so, drinking water makes your eyes sparking clear and healthy. Make sure you drink adequate water for prevention of dark circles and eye-wrinkles.

7. Drinking water will make your hair healthy and beautiful

 Drinking water hydrates cells and it is no hidden fact that hydration is a key to moisturised and  shiny

hair. Drinking water prevents your hair from falling down and  premature greying of hair.

 So, you have learnt about 7 beauty and skin care benefits of drinking water. So make sure you drink at least  8 -10 glasses of water to maintain healthy skin and hair from the inside out.

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    Thanks for this information. I take drinking water very seriously. I actually prefer drinking water to drinking juice.
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