15 Beauty And Skin Care Benefits Of Castor Oil: Uses And Beauty Applications Of Castor Oil

Castor oil is a miraculous elixir of nature which offers a multitude of benefits for your health, skin and hair. Popularly known as 'arandi ka tel' in hindi, castor oil is procured from the seeds of castor beans plant which is also known as ricinus communis. It is mainly a vegetable oil but it is more popular for its beauty applications. Read on to know the 15 top beauty and skin care benefits of castor oil.

 Not many people know that castor oil is really beneficial beauty ingredient which can give a luminous glow to your skin if used topically on the skin. This article delves deep into the top beauty uses and applications of castor oil in your beauty rituals. Let us find out how castor oil can help you treat a host of skin ailments.

 Castor oil home remedies 

1.Castor oil helps to treat sunburnt skin
Castor oil is of great help to soothe the inflamed skin due to acne break- out, rashes or sun exposure. All you need to do is to dip a cotton ball in castor

oil and dab on your face. After leaving it on your face for one hour, wash it off with cold water. Castor oil is laden with anti-bacterial properties that help sort out all sort of inflammation on the face.

2. Castor oil massage for removing premature wrinkles

 Castor oil when applied on your skin stimulates the collagen formation inside the skin resulting in elastic and taunt skin. Massage your skin with castor oil in upward motion to tighten your sagging skin. Practice this recipe daily and you will see your skin is getting tighter day by day. In addition to this home remedy, your can make a homemade anti-ageing facial mask with one egg white and 2 spoons of castor oil to smear on your skin and wash off after 20 minutes. These two home remedies are really beneficial in retaining your youthful look and defying the signs of ageing.

 3.Castor oil for controlling acne and pimple

 Rich in ricinoleic acid, castor oil curbs the excess sebum production from the skin and kills acne- causing bacteria and makes your skin acne free.  Wash your face with warm water to unclog the skin pores and afterwards, massage castor oil all over your face to reduce acne and pimple.

In addition to this natural remedy, you can make an acne and pimple control facial mask with 2 spoons of freshly ground mint leaves paste, one spoon of fuller's earth and half spoon of castor oil and slather on your face for 15 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water. This beauty tip helps fade acne scars too with regular usage.

 4. Castor oil moisturises dry and lacklustre skin

Just massage your skin gently with castor oil before going to bed and get set to wake up with soft, supple and beautiful skin in the morning.  You can even mix some essential oil of your choice to castor oil to massage your face. It brings a luminous glow to your skin. Highly concentrated fatty acids in castor oil resurrects the dry and moisture-starved skin to make it dewy and soft. Humectant properties of castor oil locks in moisture into innermost layers of your skin to make it velvety and baby soft.

5.Stretch marks prevention with castor oil

 Apply castor oil on your abdominal area after 2 months of pregnancy. it minimises the chance of  formation of stretch marks. You can mix castor oil with vitamin E oil and massage this preparation on your stomach for removing stretch marks naturally. Use this recipe daily and you can prevent the appearance of stretch marks a great deal.

 6. Treat pigmentation marks and dark spots using castor oil

 Bursting with omega-3 fatty acids, castor oil aids in lessening the appearance of dark and brown spots and treat pigmentation marks.  Fatty acids present in castor oil plump up the scars tissues and facilitate the growth of new and healthy cells to make your skin spotless, free of all facial blemishes. For this, make a facial mask with 4 drops of vitamin E oil and one spoon of pure aloe vera gel and one spoon of castor oil and massage gently all over your face and neck to even out your uneven complexion. Use this beauty tip daily for quick results.

7. Castor oil prevents hair loss and promote hair growth

Applying castor oil on your hair is a sure-fire herbal home remedy to control hair loss. Just

massage your hair with castor oil mixed with almond oil in equal measure and wrap  hot towel around your head so that oil gets deep penetrated into your scalp to prevent hair fall and bald patches. Omega-3 fatty acids in castor oil encourage blood circulation in the scalp to speed up hair growth and control thinning of hair.

8. Castor oil for treating dandruff and itching scalp

 You can make a hair mask for dandruff treatment with one egg white, 2 spoons of glyserin and 3 spoons of castor oil and rub into your scalp for ten minutes. One hour later, wash off with cold water. Use this natural remedy to get rid of itching scalp and dandruff.

9. Castor oil for treating dark circles

Apply a little amount of  castor oil around your under-eyes areas before going to sleep. It lessens the puffiness and tiredness of eyes.

10. Castor oil for thicker eye lashes

Apply castor oil on your eyelashes to make them longer, thicker and blacker. This beauty tip really works. I have used it myself and it gives amazing results!

11. Castor oil for curing calluses on feet

 Wash your legs thoroughly and massage castor oil on the painful calluses of your feet and leave it overnight. Use this recipe daily and your swelling and painful corn and calluses will disappear gradulally.

12. Castor oil and turmeric mask for curing cracked heels

 Mix 2 spoons of turmeric and 3 spoons of castor oil and slather your completely cleansed legs with this preparation to treat cracked and painful heels fast.

13. Castor oil for beautiful and pink lips

 You need not buy any expensive lip balm to moisturise your lips, instead massage castor oil on your lips to moisturise them and make them soft and rosy.

 14.Castor oil and honey for treatment of split ends
 Mix castor oil with honey and massage your hair with this miracle potion. This preparation is a amazing conditioner for your hair. Moreover, this process will treat the splits ends rightfully if applied regularly on your hair.

15. Castor oil for healthy and beauty nails

Wash your nails properly and dip your nails in warm castor oil for ten minutes or massage your fingernails and cuticles with castor oil to make them strong and healthy. Studies prove that massaging castor oil on nails prevents brittle nails and  nails breakage.

 By now you are aware of the best 15 beauty applications of castor oil. Incorporate these home remedies into your skin care routine right now. Get set to flaunt a glowing skin and healthy hair natually.

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Although much ignored in skin care, castor oil has loads of benefits for skin and hair. This article presents the best 15 beauty benefits of castor oil. Read on to know the best beauty applications of castor oil in your day to day beauty routine.

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