12 Beauty Benefits Of Potato : How To Use Potato Juice In Your Beauty Applications, Beauty Uses Of Potatoes, Benefits Of Applying Potato On The Face

What makes a woman’s looks stunning and appealing? Her beautiful skin ,of course. But do you think that beautiful skin can be achieved only by spending hoards on it? If you think so, then you have got it wrong. You can get beautiful skin easily at home, thanks to the beauty enhancing properties of potato. Potato is the most common vegetable, which is easily available in your kitchen cupboard. Let us know the amazing 12 beauty benefits of potato in detail. All these beauty uses of potatoes are so effective that will induce you to include them in your

daily beauty and skin care regimen. Read on to know how to use potato juice in your beauty applications.

1.Apply cold potato juice on your blemishes –affected face daily. Blemishes will diminish on continuous use. Give it a try for getting clear and perfect skin.

2. Potato does wonders for pacifying the sunburnt skin too. Just place cold potato slices on the affected areas or simple dab potato juice on the spot. You wiil get a soothing and cooling sensation right after the application. Your suntan and burning sensation will mellow down soon.

3. Just apply potato juice on your face daily to keep the attack of premature wrinkles at bay. Regular application of potato juice gives a healthy glow and softness to the skin. This is one of the most important benefits of applying potato on the face. 4. Potato is a great help for removing dark circles. Just place slices of potato on your dark circles. And keep it for 20 minutes .In the end, wash off with warm water. You can place potato juice dipped in cottan ball also under your eyes to fade away dark circles.

5. If you are feeling very much worn –out and your eyes are the first ones to show the signs of tiredness, then place potato slices on your face and eyes to lift away the tiredness from your eyes and face instantly.

6. Apply the grated potato on your face daily to whiten and brighten the skin. Daily application of potato juice reduces the facial swelling and if you want to bleach your skin the natural way, then nothing can beat the power of a potato. Give it a try.

7. Potato peels can do miracles for highlighing your gray hair. Just boil potato peels in water and stain this water. Use this water as a last rinse after your shampoo your hair. This home remedy helps to darken your gray

hair imparting a healthy shine to the hair.

8. Apply the mixture of potato and lemon juice mixed in equal measure to lighten your skin naturally. it is a natural and mild bleach for your skin, which yields posisive results fast.

9. Grate potato and extract its juice. Then blend it with multani mitti and lemon juice. Apply this mix on your scar –affected face for 20 minutes. On continuous use , You will get flawleess and perfect face.

10. Grate a potato and mix it with half a teasppon of curd. Apply this potent beauty enhacing mix on the face. Leave this prepraration on your face for 20 minutes before washing it off. This preparation is an excellent anti-aging mask, which hydrates your skin from deep within. This mask replenishes moisture into the dryness-ravaged skin to iron out the fine lines effectively.

11. Mix cucumber and potato juice in equal measure and apply this mix on your face including the area around the eyes. Both ingredients work well to lighten your skin tone. Cucumber is packed with the goodness of ascorbic acid and caffeic acid; Potato contains liquid starch content and Catecholase, an engime which helps in lightening the skin and treating the puffiness of eyes.

12. Grate one potato and mix it with olive oil. Keep this mixture aside. Dab honey on the areas around your eyes including corner of eyes and dark-circles. Leave it on for 5 minutes. Next smear the potato and oilve oil mix on these areas. Wash off after 15 minutes. Use this remedy on alternate days to remove crow feet wrinkles and dark circles.


Now, you are aware of the top 12 beauty benefits of potato. Now you know how to use potato juice in your beauty applications, then why are you waiting? Go pick a potato from your kithen and try out these amazing beauty uses of potatoes in your beauty regimen right now! And revel in the glow of your radiant skin every day! Check out

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